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Art Saves Lives

Reading Girl
29 December
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50% Australian, 50% New Zealand-er. 100% obsessed with art.

acoustic guitar, alias, almost famous, altered books, amélie, andy goldsworthy, angels, animation, art, art dolls, art history, art journals, art supplies, australia, beauty, ben harper, billy joel, black and white photography, black and white photos, book arts, books, bookstores, bridget jones's diary, british accents, buffy the vampire slayer, cadbury, california, calvin and hobbes, children books, chocolate, coldplay, colin firth, collage, color theory, crafts, creativity, david gray, design, dictionary, disney, dvd, dvds, elijah wood, england, etymology, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fairytales, fan art, fan fiction, fanfiction, fiber arts, film, finding nemo, flowers, folk, folk-rock, forests, frank sinatra, geekiness, gilmore girls, girls with glasses, grammar, handmade books, handwriting, happiness, harry potter, hermione granger, hobbits, illustration, imagination, individuality, j.k. rowling, jason mraz, jazz, jeans, jk rowling, john mayer, johnny depp, journaling, journals, knitting, learning, libraries, life, lipstick, literature, london, lord of the rings, lyrics, male singer/songwriters, mermaids, moon, movies, music, mythology, natalie portman, nature, new zealand, notebooks, obsessing, old cameras, painting, paper, paper arts, paper dolls, passion, paul mccartney, photography, piano, pippin, pirates of the caribbean, pretty bras, pretty pictures, prisoner of azkaban, quotes, rainy days, rainy nights, reading, remus lupin, ron/hermione, second hand bookshops, sirius black, sketch books, sleep, smart people, smell of rain, stars, the beatles, the sky, the smell of books, theatre, travel, trees, van gogh, vintage, watching stars, water, what really matters, where the heart is, white oleander, writing